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By Shanan Kelley

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A combination of yoga, dance and Pilates with a bit of breath work thrown in, barre3 has been offering holistic, mindful fitness for over a decade. With the launch of their on-demand classes, folks without a local studio can now participate in these safe, alignment-focused strength-building workouts. The on-demand platform hosts sessions ranging in length and style, and competitive pricing that includes a 15-day free trial.

This award-winning practice is equal parts cardio dance, athletic training and moving meditation. A sweaty, electric, euphoric experience that will energize participants of all ages and abilities, FORWARD_Space began as a Manhattan-based studio experience that pivoted to offer livestream and on-demand classes during COVID-19 quarantine closures. If you want to shake things up in your fitness routine, FS is for you.

For $12.99 per month, an almost unlimited number of workouts can be accessed on the Peloton app. Choose from a diverse lineup of boot camp, cycling, running, walking, strength and audio-only classes offered live and on-demand. The app can be downloaded to just about any device and classes do not require equipment. New members receive a 30-day free trial.

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Alo Moves
By far the most comprehensive fitness platform available, Alo Moves offers yoga, fitness and mindfulness classes led by an impressive lineup of highly trained teachers and fitness experts including Koya Webb, Harley Pasternak and Janet Stone (to name only a few!). Competitive pricing, an initial free trial and a great selection of beginner-level classes earn this platform top reviews again and again.

The Class
The Class is a one-of-a-kind fitness experience that strengthens the body while encouraging practitioners to notice the habits and reactions of the mind. This cathartic experience is designed to bring balance to the body’s systems, ultimately building physical resilience. A range of levels, lengths and styles are offered as well as a “family” version of the class that includes moves appropriate for little ones.

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