Current International Covid-19 Travel Requirements Here
By Shanan Kelley

Brand Ambassador

Know Before You Go
Oftentimes the anticipation of the unknown is the element of travel that revs our nervous systems the most. By properly preparing for travel, you eliminate at least some of the factors influencing unease. For example, knowing ahead of time how your destination handles COVID-19 protocols may ease your mind. Another source of travel anxiety can be around food. If you have dietary restrictions, take some time to research food options to nourish yourself upon arrival. Pack additional snacks in case of travel delays. By getting really clear on what exactly we need to feel comfortable and safe at a basic level — e.g., food, sleep, transportation — it becomes easy to determine which bases need covering first. 

Aromatherapy Inhalers
Aromatherapy inhalers are a small and discreet way of carrying essential oils on the go. The sense of smell is linked to the part of the brain associated with memories, emotions and hormones, which makes aromatherapy a powerful way to quickly affect the body, mind and mood. Find a range of different types of inhalers for a variety of benefits and applications on Etsy. Always choose organic essential oil options for the purest and most beneficial effect. Additionally, essential oil jewelry and roller balls can be a convenient way to carry the benefits of aromatherapy while on the go. Oils such as lavender, bergamot, chamomile, vetiver and lemon balm are excellent choices for anxiety and nervousness. 

Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, is the non-psychoactive compound of the Cannabis sativa plant. Though studies showing the benefits of CBD are still emerging, strong evidence points to CBD as a promising treatment for anxiety, including generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and social anxiety disorder. CBD can be administered as a tincture, in capsule form, as an edible, smoked or vaped. It is a discreet and convenient option for travel, but it may take some experimentation and patience to determine which dose works best for you. Most manufacturers recommend starting at 10 mg and dabbling in higher doses over time as needed.  

Pack for the Unexpected
Being mindful about what is in your carry-on will go a long way. In the event the unexpected occurs, there are a few essentials you will be glad to have on hand. Consider packing a reusable water bottle, hand sanitizer or disinfecting wipes, device charger, medications and overnight essentials like a change of underwear, fresh pair of socks and a toothbrush. Carry backup copies or photographs of important travel documents like ID cards, passport, important contacts and travel itineraries. It’s a great idea to include a journal, pen and reading materials to keep you occupied in the event of a delay. Stash a bit of extra cash, your favorite lip balm and any other small essentials in your pocket.  

Binaural Beats
Binaural beats is the term used to describe what is essentially an auditory illusion. When wearing headphones, each ear hears a different tone; the difference between the hertz in the two tones creates an opportunity for the brain to sync up to that hertz level and, in the process, achieve deep states of relaxation, creativity and focus. Studies are emerging, but promising, and show that listening to binaural beats can help with a variety of discomforts like anxiety, negative mood, insomnia and difficulty focusing. You will need earphones or earbuds for maximum benefits. Explore Spotify and YouTube for a variety of playlists, then sit back, relax and listen your way to a state of easeful meditation.  

Talk to Your Doctor
It’s natural to feel a bit anxious when traveling, most certainly during a global pandemic. However, if your feelings of anxiety go beyond what feels manageable, talk to your doctor to see if there might be additional support appropriate for your circumstances. Travel can be stressful, but it should also be fun and exciting; if you are unable to find the joy in travel, it may be worth working with a medical professional to determine if there is an underlying cause to your travel anxiety. Be gentle and patient with yourself. It is likely that with proper attention, and perhaps medical or psychological treatment, the issue will resolve in time. 

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