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By Shanan Kelley

Brand Ambassador

These days, CBD is for sale just about everywhere and is marketed as a one-stop cure-all. While it is tempting to jump right into a daily dose of the non-psychoactive (read: doesn’t make you “high”) liquid gold, the hard science behind the many magnificent claims made by CBD producers remains a bit of a mystery. Though who wouldn’t be curious about a supplement that claims to have a positive effect on everything from anxiety and digestive discomfort to sleep and hormonal balance? Before throwing caution to the wind and grabbing the next dropper bottle you see at the checkout stand, here are a few things to consider when diving into the wide world of CBD.

  1. All CBD products are not created equally, so ask questions. If you cannot find the answers to your questions on the product website, look elsewhere. If the company has a product they are proud of, they want you to know everything about it! Most reputable CBD manufacturers will share information on the farms they are sourcing from, a full ingredients list, the methods in which they are producing and the studies they have completed showing the efficacy of their product.

    Try: Onda Wellness Regenerative Hemp Tincture

  2. As for cost, you get what you pay for! Value is not the same as getting a bargain, and CBD is not a product in which to cut corners. Companies seeking independent third-party testing and utilizing bio-regenerative farming methods are going to have higher production costs that affect the end-price offered to the consumer. In the case of CBD, that is a good thing!

    Try: Juna Balance

  3. Consistency in dosing is key! While the science behind how CBD exactly works is still emerging, most experts agree that it takes several days to a couple of weeks to begin truly feeling the full benefits like stress relief, deeper sleep and digestive system balancing. Most manufacturers also encourage a bit of experimentation with the dose itself. For some, 10 mg of a full spectrum hemp oil does the trick, while others find that a heavier dose of 25–50 mg is their happy place. Start with a conservative dose and see how you feel. Be consistent and patient!

    Try: Ned Sleep Blend
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