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Valentine's Day Photo Ideas for Couples & Kids


Whether you're looking for the perfect picture to put on your Valentine's Day card, a picture of the two of you to create a special memory and to commemorate the day, or a great picture of yourself to put on stylish easel art for your beloved, you're going to want to read this!!

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Making your own valentines card picture has never been easier in this digital age. Have access to any adorable babies? If your own little cherub is more or less the right age, why not dress them up as Cupid for a photo shoot. Is Cupid too obvious? How about covering your little one in red lipstick kisses and posing them next to a sign reading "Kisses 25cents." Babies are so cute that you can dress them in anything red as long as it's tasteful and pose them next to a heart. When you put that cuteness on a card, you'll be stealing someone else's heart!

It's not just babies that are cute, get all the kids involved in the shoot and have them posing with a sign that makes up the phrase "be mine" or something equally Valentine-y. No kids available? Well there's always you! Posing with a sign that speaks from the heart is bound to be a winner. You're not likely to look as cute dressed up as Cupid, so you may be better off in your Sunday's best. For men, a dinner jacket is always a winner and ladies cannot go wrong in a LBD. Of course your Valentine's Day picture doesn't have to be of a person. Oh no, a cute pet is just as fabulous. Pose the puppy with a red rose or a massive heart, or with a red ribbon around his neck and you have the perfect picture. You can carry the theme across a variety of valentine's gifts too, from mugs to iPhone covers and canvas wall hangings.

This Valentine's Day, how about arranging a professional photo shoot for the two of you? You could take along one of your first date pictures and have the photographer recreate the pose for you. It'll be a great talking piece and recreating the scene will take you back to that first date thrill. For general valentine's pictures, you might want to take some images of poses you like to give the photographer some ideas. If your mind is a blank canvas, then fear not, all professional photographers will have great experience on what works and what doesn't and will direct you accordingly. Make sure you take along a selection of outfits, and while you probably don't want match-y outfits, you'll want to co-ordinate at least so that you're either both smartly dressed or both casual.

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