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Photo Tips, Secrets & Techniques for Beginner Photographers


Do you fancy yourself a bit of a photographer? Do you snap away wildly believing you’re capturing the greatest images of all time, only to be disappointed when you download them and find they’re not as spectacular as you’d thought? Want to learn some tips and techniques that will have you taking photos worthy of wall space in your home? Well get ready to pick out your favorite custom canvas or mounted print for displaying those fabulous photos because we have some photography tips that will help you take quality pictures in no time!

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Know Your Camera

Whether it’s an SLR or just a simple digital camera, the best thing you can do is to get to know all its features. Read the manual and try out all the settings so you know what they do and how to change them when time is of the essence. Many a great photo opportunity has been lost while the photographer is fiddling around with the settings. If you don’t feel confident enough to choose aperture settings yourself, use your camera’s built in scene modes for different shooting conditions, subjects and effects. Keeping a notebook and writing down the settings you had for a particular picture will help you learn what works best in which situation.

Getting the Light Right

Great photography is all about getting the lighting right. For people-pictures outdoors, the best times of day are early morning or late afternoon when the sun is low in the sky. This prevents eyes from being in shadow or squinting. When you’re on holiday, of course you’re going to want to shoot at all times of the day (and night). For the best pictures in bright sunlight, forget about having the sun behind you, instead position the person you’re photographing so that the sun hits them from the side for the most flattering picture.

If you’re taking pictures of people indoors and need to use a flash, avoid taking pictures against walls, particularly if they are light in color because you will end up with weird shadows. Make sure any background you use is relatively dark and tidy! Many a great picture is let down by a messy background. Make like you’re styling the room behind your subject for a magazine photo shoot.

Taking Pictures of Your Pets

We always seem to miss capturing the cute pose the puppy was in because he moves just as we press the button and instead we get a close up of a wet nose or a shot where he looks like he has five heads! Avoid calling attention to yourself when you’re armed with the camera and he’ll be less likely to move. If your camera has a burst mode, use it. Start taking pictures before you try and get the pet’s attention and you’re bound to get the right shot.

Take Lots of Images

Since we no longer have to worry about the cost of developing pictures before we get to see them, don’t be afraid to take as many pictures as possible. The great thing about digital is that you can delete the ones that didn’t work! Make sure you have a big enough storage card for your camera so that you won’t need to worry about running out of space. Although a top photo tip for vacations is to use lots of smaller capacity cards and store them in the hotel safe, that way if you lose your camera, you will only lose a few pictures rather than a whole trip’s worth.

Happy shooting!

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