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Mother's Day Craft Ideas & Homemade Gifts to Make for Mom


You already made Mom a thoughtful Mother's Day card so why not accompany it with a crafty gift? Here are a few fun Mother's Day craft ideas that will certainly make Mom melt.

Cascading Love Mother's Day Card
Defining Vines Mother's Day Card

Decorate an Apron

Decorating an apron is a great Mother's Day activity for Mom to do with the children. You'll need a white apron, fabric paints, some willing little hands and feet, a sense of humor and a dollop of patience. Use some green paint and get the kids to finger paint strands of grass and help them make some flower stalks. The blooms on the flowers can be made from little hand prints in her favorite colors. Tiny foot prints side by side with the left footprint on the right and the right footprint on the left make a great butterfly. Just draw in the body and feelers with a pen at the end. Finish off her homemade apron with the year and your children's names and you'll have a special keepsake that will give Mom a warm and happy glow every time she wears it. You can do the same sort of decorating on pot holders and tea towels, so feel free to get creative!

Flower Pots

Another fun kids activity is making Mom some personalized flower pots. You'll need some terracotta pots, acrylic paints, cellophane and ribbon for wrapping. Why not make her a set of 3 that she can keep on the kitchen window sill for herbs? Write the name of the herbs on the pots and put a packet of seeds or a plant inside each pot. Not only is this a sentimental gift, but it's really useful too. Wrap each pot in cellophane and tie with a matching ribbon to finish it off.

Garden Tools

If your mother is a keen gardener, why not give her a set of decorated gardening tools in a hand-painted pot. You'll need all the same materials for the flower pot as before, and also some wooden handled hand tools — like a small trowel and a spade. Paint the handles in bright candy stripes and tie them together with ribbon and put them into the flower pot along with some packets of seeds, a pair of gardening gloves and some hand cream, all wrapped up in cellophane and tied with a nice ribbon. Some other things that you could put in the pot are garden markers with plant names written on them, gardening string and a pair of garden shears.

A Safe Place for Needles

For mothers that enjoy sewing, a felt needle saver is a unique gift and so easy to make. Cut a rectangle of felt in one color. This will be folded in half to make the cover. In another color of felt, cut a slightly smaller rectangle. This will be folded in half inside the larger rectangle, sort of like the pages in a book. Lay the small rectangle on top of the larger rectangle and fold both rectangles over in half to make a square. Mark the center line and open up again. Using a needle and thread, sew through both layers along the marked center line seam so they stay together. Decorate the outside cover by sewing on some buttons and small bows and if you like a challenge, have a go at embroidering “needles” on it.

A Sentimental Photo Gift

There's nothing Mom would love more than being able to admire her children in custom photo décor. Whether you make some beautiful easel art for her desk at the office or stunning canvas prints for the home, she'll be absolutely thrilled to display those lovely snapshots anywhere and everywhere. Or if you want to make her something that she can take everywhere, why not create a customized iPhone case. It's easy! Just add fun photos to a design you think she'll love and let us handle the rest. Before you know it, she'll be sporting a stylish iPhone case that showcases a few of her favorite memories.

Sign of Love Photo Plaque
Glittering Love iPhone Case
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