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iPhone Photography Tips - Take Better Pictures with Your iOS Smartphone


Take Tons of Pictures

The great thing about cameras on mobile phones is that you have a camera on you at all times – I mean, who leaves home without their iPhone? The best way to get the most awesome pictures is to take LOTS of pictures. Take many pictures of different things and loads of pictures of the same things using different settings and at different times of the day so that you can figure out what works best for you. Get creative with the angles too, shoot from a lower level, shoot from above, and tilt the phone. You'll get some really interesting shots and anything you don't like you can just delete.

Stay Steady

A crucial iPhone photo tip is to hold the phone steady and hold it in the same way you would your camera. You wouldn't expect to get great shots from your camera by holding it unsteadily in one hand now would you? If at all possible, rest the phone on something; otherwise keep your arms close to your body to help stabilize. Remember that you can also use the ‘+' button on the side of the phone to snap the picture. Try using the HDR setting – it takes 3 photographs in quick succession and then overlays them to give you a better quality image. It's great for pictures where the lighting may be less than desirable. To avoid a blurry image, you'll need to be sure to hold the phone steady!

Treat the Screen as a Viewfinder

Treat the iPhone more like a camera and you really can't go wrong. A very important iPhone photography tip is to try and avoid the habit of looking beyond the camera at the scene you're trying to capture. Imagine your phone's screen is a viewfinder on a traditional camera and look "through" it rather than directly at the image. One thing you'll want to do differently with the iPhone though is to avoid the camera zoom – it results in fuzzy and pixelated images. If you want a close up picture then use the traditional method of moving closer to the subject you want to photograph.

Use Helpful Photography Apps

As with anything, using the right tools makes for a better job – the same rule applies to iPhone photography. There are some great apps that will help you make the most of your iPhone camera. Try "Camera +" which has a self-timer. A self-timer is way better for selfies than holding the camera at arms-length (which never makes for a flattering picture). Instead, set up your phone and put it on a timer. "Camera +" also has burst mode which is excellent for taking pictures of pets or action scenes.

Of course even the top photographers still edit their photographs to get the very best out of them. Again there's an iPhone app for that – "Snapspeed" is one of the better apps for this. With it you can choose effects and you can export directly from "Snapspeed" to Instagram.

So there you have it! What are you waiting for? Go and get snap-happy right away with these iPhone photography tips and techniques. And don't hesitate to display your gorgeous snapshots on fabulous home décor items such as custom mounted prints and photo plaques.

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