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Grandparent's Day Activities – Planning Ideas & Ways to Celebrate Grandparents


Grandparents are pretty awesome aren't they? They have a special place in the lives of their grandchildren. Parents do the disciplining and grandparents do the spoiling. The purpose of Grandparent's Day is to honor grandparents and the role they play in our lives.

One of the greatest things you can do for your grandparents on this special day besides making them a very thoughtful Grandparent's Day card is to give them your time. There are lots of great activities you can do with your grandparents that will help you learn more about them and your family.

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Arrange to spend the day with your grandparents and have them help you build a family tree. Ask them questions about where they grew up, their siblings, their own parents and a bit about the general family history. Find out if they got an allowance, what chores they had to do and where they went to school. Ask where they met each other and when they got married and have them tell you about the jobs they've done. You can also go through all of their photographs and yours together and ask them to identify everyone in the pictures. Don't forget to write down their names on the back of the pictures! You'll be fascinated by what you learn and Grandma and Grandpa will appreciate being the center of attention. Also be sure to record your time with them on video if you can, it will be a special family memory that future generations can enjoy.

If you are not fortunate enough to have your own grandparents nearby, then spend Grandparent's Day honoring elderly people in your neighborhood. Volunteer at a nursing home for the elderly – many of the residents may not have any family members nearby or even any family at all and will appreciate having someone's attention. Take the kids along so they can get to know the older generation. Get some friends to join you and ask the staff if you can arrange a tea party for the residents. Take some goodies with you and make some new friends! Or if a friend's grandparents live nearby to you, but far from their own grandchildren, be their substitute grandkids for the day and have them around for tea.

There is so much you can do on Grandparent's Day! Here are a few other suggestions:

  • Plant a tree with your grandparents in your garden and you can watch it grow as the years go by.
  • Make a time capsule with them and fill it with special memories. You could bury it near the tree you planted with information in it such as when the tree was planted and who planted it. It'll be a great surprise for future generations.
  • Volunteer together with your grandparent's at a soup kitchen, animal shelter or children's home. Share your Grandma with children that may not be as fortunate as you are.

Make Grandparents Day a day where the young not only appreciate the old, but where the old get to appreciate the young.

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