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Funny Birthday Cards

290 Results
Favorite Sister Funny Birthday Cards


Touching Beaks Funny Birthday Cards


290 Results

Funny Happy Birthday Cards

Aging is usually no laughing matter, but sometimes you just have to smile at life and roll with the punches. With our collection of funny birthday cards it’s even easier than ever. We’ve got cards to suit all types of humor from subtle to not so subtle and clever to slapstick with every destination in-between. There’s a funny birthday card to make your recipient laugh out loud and one that will simply elicit a smile. There’s roll on the floor hilarious and the kind that will make ‘em roll their eyes and chuckle out loud. Whether they’re a giggling Gertie or a serious Sam, you’re sure to find one that will appeal. Maybe one of our cards will inspire you to find your own inner comedian. You can even customize a card and write your own happy birthday punch line for the birthday boy or girl.

What our customers have to say about our Funny Birthday Cards

Ardie L.
“I recently lost my mom and right after her passing, I was able to make my brother a birthday with the family photo we all laughed at when we were children! Of course my parents were in the picture as well so when he opened it up and saw that picture on the front, he immediately started laughing. It was a great childhood memory for him and it had this funny story that went with it that our mom told over and over! It was a precious moment!”

Lynn R.
“I love the ability to personalize with photos. I used the Fashion Magazine cover template to make my sister a birthday card recently. But instead of gorgeous pics of her, I inserted funny ones, changing some of the wording where I could. She absolutely LOVED my card, and showed it to all her friends and neighbors. She tells me it is the best card she's ever gotten. I agree (LOL)!”

Allison A.
“I love Treat cards because they are always so funny! They are perfect for my boyfriend’s birthdays since we have such a comical relationship!”

Megan F.
“I love how the cards can be funny, intimate etc! My husband absolutely loved his birthday card this year. From Treat!”

Audrey C.
“Since I found out about Treat, I signed up for their prepaid cards because I love Treat! Combining photos with endearing/funny/witty messages and being able to personalize them is awesome! I love how I can mail it directly too! I've gotten so many heart felt thank yous, just keeps on making me want to use Treat.”

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