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Birthday Cards for Dad

49 Results
Better with Age Birthday Cards

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49 Results

Birthday Cards for Dad

There are so many names for a father - Pop, Daddy, Pa, Dad, Papa or Father to name just a few, but whatever you call him there’s no doubt that he's one in a million. Maybe you’re daddy's little girl or perhaps people use the phrase "like father, like son" when they talk about the two of you. Whether he’s been your hero, your best friend, your teacher, your coach, your role model, your mentor, your fishing buddy – or any combination of the above, your father should get a birthday card that tells him what he means to you. Customise your dad's card with a picture of him with that record size fish or one of you together sharing a special moment and make his birthday the best one ever. Cards are available in print or as ecards. See all birthday cards here.

And don't wait for Father's Day to send your dad a card; there are so many reasons to let Dad know you are thinking about him, and they happen more than once a year. After all, he has always been there for you, from the little moments to the big events. Like the first time he let you borrow the car for a night. Then there are all the times he sent you money for pizza and other college-life necessities... again. He is perpetually there to cheer your son on during Little League, and always claps the hardest for your daughter's ballet performance. Maybe you just want to thank Dad for picking up the phone. He has always been the best at lending an understanding ear, or giving a thoughtful piece of advice.

His birthday is another perfect day to remind him that he is the greatest Dad ever! In fact, you might want to create a card for him now, and schedule it well in advance. All you need to do is set your desired delivery date. Another smart option is to set a reminder on the Card Assistant page. That way, you won't need to send him a "belated" birthday card. (Although, if you do forget, we’ve still got you covered. Check out some great picks here.) Treat makes it easy.

Whatever your reason for letting Dad know how much you care, don't just settle for an average, ho-hum card. We all know the kind. The one you pick when you are standing in the greeting card aisle at your local superstore, totally overwhelmed by the vast amount of birthday cards that just don’t seem to fit. At Treat, you can always find the right tone to match the occasion—whether it's sentimental, sweet, funny, or serious. Plus, you can get creative and make it personal. Share an inside family joke, or customize a card with a picture of the two of you, like the one taken the night of your first prom (when he grilled your boyfriend for an hour before letting you leave the house), or the one from your father-and-son fishing trip (when you finally learned his secret spot for catching the biggest rainbow trout). If your dad is tech-savvy, make it an ecard. Is he the more traditional type? Send a printed version, and get happy thinking about the smile on his face when he opens the mailbox to find something other than junk mail.

With all the reasons to send Dad a birthday card, you might want to sign up for the Treat Card Club, and save yourself some money. The big discounts will come in handy if you want to take Dad out for lunch, or send him a personalized gift along with his special birthday card. When you purchase a multiple card pack, you can send them to other family members and friends, too, not just your father. Just think of all the birthdays, special occasions, and holidays coming up! Of course, if you just want to order one card, you can always do that too.

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