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Photo Guidelines

Here's a few photo guidelines outlining what you should (and shouldn't) do:

Do use a photo that is 25 MB or less in a jpg., gif., png., bmp. or tiff. format.

Do send a photo from your digital camera in the highest resolution possible. If your photo is too small, we will let you know when you upload it. (For digital photo newbies, a photo taken in low resolution on your camera or converted to a lower resolution once you upload it on the computer, means that there are fewer pixels per inch or less photo per inch. While the naked eye may not notice a difference on the screen, our printers are very smart and there will be a very noticeable difference.)

Do shoot photos with the best possible light. Natural light is best for indoor shots—especially when it projects from windows and doorways onto your subject. When outdoors, avoid direct sunlight on your subject (a passing cloud is a photographer's best friend). Also, look out for awkward shadows or particularly bright areas that could print white.

Do stay about 3 feet away from your subject when using a flash.

Do shoot photos you plan to print in the highest resolution your camera will allow. (It might take up more space in your camera, but the results will be worth it on your card.)

Do change your settings. If your camera has settings for white balance be sure to select indoor vs. outdoor. The correct setting can affect the color tone.

Don't use a link from a photo sharing site (like Kodak Gallery or Snapfish). While the images look good on your monitor, they won't print clearly. Trust us on this one.

Don't move. Motion can print blurry—no one likes a blurry photo. While we know it may be hard when it comes to say babies or pets, try shooting in lots of light to allow your camera to capture at a faster speed. If you're indoors with no natural light, try your flash from about 3 feet away.

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