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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Why do you store my credit card information? Is it safe?

    Because we allow you to schedule your greeting cards up to a year in advance, we have to store your credit card in order to charge you for your greeting card when it goes to print. Storing your information securely is of utmost importance to us. For more details, please review our Privacy & Security Policy. You may also edit your credit card on file at any time through My Accounts. If you wish to remove your credit card details from your account, please call our customer service and we will be happy to remove your information. However, note that this may affect the processing of any greeting card orders that are scheduled in the future.


  2. Can I edit my greeting card order?

    At this point in time you cannot edit your greeting card order once it's been placed. If you would like to change your delivery date or update an address, please call Treat Customer Service and we'll be happy to update your order for you.


  3. Do you proofread all orders and touch up photos after I submit my order?

    We want to make sure you get your greeting card as fast as possible so what you see in the preview is exactly what you'll get. Please check your orders very carefully. Look for misspelled words, forgotten capitalization, and grainy or blurry photos.


    Greeting Cards

  1. Can I add photos to my personalized greeting cards?

    Of course. Several of our designs have photographs on the front. Also, when you're personalizing the inside of any card, look at the left side of your screen for toolbars. Choose Layouts. Most layouts have areas for photos.

    Last, on the back panel of any card, you can also include a small photo.


  2. How do I make sure that my photos will print well?

    Always check your camera settings before you shoot your photo and if you don't know much about pixel sizes, select the highest resolution and largest file your camera will support. Please note that this will reduce the number of photos you can store on your storage media. If your camera offers settings for white balance, be sure to select the appropriate conditions - typically there is a setting for indoors/tungsten versus outdoors/sun. The correct settings can affect the color tone and produce a better print.

    All photos are printed flat on premium, 100 or 110 lb. stationery card stock, not glossy photo paper. Keep in mind the size of the cards listed under each product's details.

    There are variations in every monitor due to the light that comes through. When the cards print out, they will be a bit darker than what is seen through your monitor.

    Our commercial state-of-the-art printing presses will pick up every dot on a photo whereas a common ink jet printer does not print every precise dot or pixel. Therefore, any dark, blurry or grainy photos will reduce the quality of the final print.

    Please always make sure your photo does not have any of the bad qualities mentioned in our Photo Tips.


  3. How much does mailing a card cost?

    It only costs the price of a stamp (49¢) to mail a card directly to your recipient. If you mail a card (or multiple cards) to yourself first, you pay 99¢.


  4. What is the total cost for sending greeting cards?

    This depends on whether you order cards individually or with a Treat Card Club value pack. Your total cost to send a greeting card will be the price of the card + tax + delivery.

    If you're buying cards individually, it's $3.49 each + tax + the cost of a stamp (49¢) to mail it directly to your recipient, or 99¢ to mail it to yourself first.

    If you're buying cards via the Treat Card Club, they are as low as $1.99 each + tax + the cost of a stamp (49¢) for each card—regardless of whether you mail it directly to your recipient or to yourself first. You pay for delivery up front at the same time you pay for your value pack.

    Visit the Treat Card Club page to learn more about our value packs.


  5. When am I charged for my card order?

    You are charged for your card the day that the card is sent to the printer. This is usually five days before the card is scheduled to be delivered to its final destination.


  6. How long will it take to get my greeting card?

    We provide you an estimated delivery date based on your location and estimates provided to us by USPS. Because all orders are shipped via USPS first class mail, we cannot guarantee these delivery dates. Typical delivery time ranges from 1-3 days within most of the United States, but can go as long as 5 days.


  7. How do I schedule my card to be mailed on a future date?

    To schedule your greeting card in advance, choose your card, and on the Delivery page either enter your desired delivery date or choose your desired delivery date from the calendar. The delivery date, however, is still an estimate, and we can’t guarantee that your card will arrive on the exact date due to potential U.S. Postal Service delivery variations.


  8. What's the difference between "mail directly to my recipient" and "mail to me?"

    Send to my recipient uses our mailing service to send the cards directly to your recipient with your return address and the recipient's address printed on the card envelope. ‘Ship to me' ships the card and its envelope inside a mailing envelope to your house. You can then sign and deliver the card however you'd like.


  9. How do I know my card has been mailed or my recipient has received it?

    There are two ways to know that your order has shipped.

    First, we'll send you an email to let you know it's on its way. The card is handed to the US Postal Service on the day you receive this email, and the card should arrive within 1-5 days to any address in the United States (depending on your location).

    Second, the order will appear in the "Sent" tab of the orders section on your Card Assistant page or in your Account page. We'll show you the status right next to it.

    Because we use US Postal Service, we don't have any way of knowing if your recipient has received it. Your recipient should get your card on or before the delivery date shown in the shipping notification email. However, we do not guarantee that your card will arrive on the date that you scheduled delivery due to potential US Postal Service delivery variations.


  10. Do you deliver internationally?

    Unfortunately, at this time, we only support shipping within the United States.


  11. Will there be cards for more occasions?

    Yes! We're adding more cards as fast as we can. If you are looking for an occasion we don't offer yet, send us an e-mail (feedback@treat.com) and we'll see what we can do.

    In the meantime, many of our cards can be used for other occasions. Just change the words to fit your needs.



  1. How do I order a gift card?

    Pick the perfect card. During personalization, you'll have the option to add a gift card from top retailers. Select your retailer and choose the amount you'd like to give. Then, we'll print it right inside your greeting. Gifting made easy!


  2. How do I order a gift?

    Visit our gift store to browse personalized gifts—from mugs and iPhone cases to desk décor. Once you find a gift you love, personalize it (just like our cards) to make it totally unique. Then head over to checkout to complete your order.


  3. What is the total cost for creating, purchasing and sending a personalized gift?

    Personalization is always free! You just pay for the price of the gift, shipping and any applicable sales tax.


  4. How much does shipping cost?

    For gifts, it costs $4.99 per item. For cards, it only costs the price of a stamp (49¢) to mail a card directly to your recipient. If you mail a card (or multiple cards) to yourself first, you pay 99¢.


  5. When am I charged for my card or personalized gift?

    You are charged for your card or personalized gift on the day that the order is sent to the printer. This is usually five to six days before the order is scheduled to be delivered to its final destination.


  6. If I order someone a card and gift, will they arrive together?

    Our cards and gifts are shipped from different locations and use different delivery services. We do our best to coordinate the delivery timing of the card and gift for all scheduled orders. For those orders that are processed ASAP, the card will most likely arrive before the gift. All gift orders include a message on the packing slip informing the lucky recipient who has sent them the gift.


  7. How long does it take to get my personalized gift?

    We provide you an estimated delivery date based on your location and estimates provided to us by the delivery service. Typical delivery time ranges from 5-6 days within most of the United States, but can take longer. We unfortunately can't guarantee delivery times.


  8. Can I edit my order after it's placed?

    We're sorry, but once you place your order it cannot be edited. Please be extra sure everything is exactly how you want it before ordering. However, if you'd like to change your delivery date or update an address, please email Treat Customer Service (orders@treat.com) and we'll be happy to update this part of your order for you.


  9. What is your return policy?

    If there's anything on this planet that we love more than cards, it's our customers. That's why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all of our products. We're sure you'll be happy with your purchase, but if you're not satisfied for any reason, please contact our customer service department. We'll do everything possible to make it right, and with Treat you'll always have the option to return your order for a full refund for any reason.



  1. What are event reminders?

    Treat never wants you to forget someone's birthday, anniversary or any important date. If you add an event to the calendar on your Card Assistant page, we'll send you an email to remind you that it's coming up. You can control how many reminders you get, and when they arrive so that you're never caught by surprise again.

    If you want to have an event show up on your calendar, but you don't want emails, just click the “change” link next to your reminders when you're adding or editing the event. Uncheck the boxes next to the reminders, and click Save.


  2. Can I add, change or remove event reminders? How?

    It's easy to add, change or remove event reminders.

    Just click the “edit” link next to your reminder, then click the “change” link next to your reminders. The Edit Event screen will open up. Near the bottom, click the link next to the reminders. You'll see that the reminders become editable, with checkboxes next to them.

    To add a reminder, click the “add another” link. A new reminder will appear and you can set it to whatever you like.

    To change a reminder, just click the dropdown list. It'll show you choices from one day before the event, to six weeks before. Choose the one that works best for you.

    To remove a reminder, just uncheck the box next to it.

    After you've made all the changes you want, don't forget to click the “Save” button.


  3. I connected to Facebook, but some of my friends' birthdays are not showing up.

    Your friends might have privacy settings preventing their birthdays from being shown in apps.

    Your friends can enable their birthdays to show, by using these two settings:

    1. 1. In their profile, navigate to About > Basic Info > Edit > Birthday > Set Visibility to "Friends" or "Public" > Save
    2. 2. In Privacy Settings > Ads, Apps and Websites > Edit Settings > How people bring your info to the apps they use > Edit Settings > Check Birthday > Save Changes

    Once your friend has enabled their birthday to show in apps, you should be able to see them.

    Treat Card Club

  1. What is the Treat Card Club?

    With the Treat Card Club, you purchase multiple cards at one time for big discounts. They don't have to be the same card and they can be created and sent any time you want.


  2. How do I sign up for the Treat Card Club?

    You simply pick a 6, 18 or 24 pack to get started.


  3. How does the Treat Card Club work?

    Add a pack to your cart. Your cards will be applied to your account, so you can create and send them now, or later. Cards can be redeemed up to a year from the date of purchase. Once you use up all the cards in your pack, you can order another pack, or send cards a la carte.


  4. Do I need a Treat Card Club pack to purchase greeting cards?

    No, you sure don't. You can order all the cards you like on treat.com for $3.49 each.


  5. Can I cancel my Treat Card Club pack order?

    You can cancel your pack after the first use if you aren't happy with the service. Just get in touch with our customer service team and let them know you'd like a refund.


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